DCP = Digital Cinema Package

The final step for your feature film or theatrical trailer is the creation of a DCP compliant master. A Digital Cinema Package or "DCP", is a digital master made for distribution to Digital Cinema Theaters. A DCP is the digital equivalent of a film print. Digital Cinema projection systems are rapidly becoming the choice of playback in movie theaters and film festivals around the world.

DCP Pro = DCP Experts

DCP PRO utilizes top of the line and state of the art DVS tools and workstations that are made specifically for the creation of DCP digital masters. Our staff of experienced industry professionals understands the needs and concerns of today’s Theatrical Distribution model. All of our DCP processes follow strict adherence to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) guidelines to ensure compatibility and compliance with Digital Cinema equipment throughout the globe. DCPs can contain multiple audio tracks including 5.1 and 7.1, Stereoscopic 3D picture and be digitally Encrypted (KDM) for security purposes. Delivery of DCPs can be handled on specialized hard drives or via high speed internet file transfers. Before a DCP is delivered, it should be Digitally Verified and played back for sound and picture quality, best accomplished via a DCI complaint Theater. To learn more, check our FAQ and Submission Info pages.


  • 100% DCI Compliance Technical Verification Report

  • Sound & Picture Quality Check Report

  • Deliverable Check Sum Verification Report

On-time and on-budget with an emphasis on Quality, Service and Value is our objective. Contact us today for your DCP needs.

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